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Research Projects:

years name decsription
2007-2010 "SCARLED" (Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods)coordinated by dr Dominika Milczarek; financed by 6th EU Commission Framework Programme
2006-2007 "Re-governing Markets - phase 2"coordinated by prof. Jerzy Wilkin and dr Dominika Milczarek; financed by IIED
2006-2007 "Review of the transitional restrictions maintained by new Member States with regard to the acquisition of agricultural real estate"coordinated by prof. Jerzy Wilkin; financed by EU Commission
2004 "Re-governing Markets - phase 1"coordinated by prof. Jerzy Wilkin; financed by IIED
2002 "Usefulness of the CAP-regulation on Rural Development for the Development of Rural Poland"coordinated by dr Dominika Milczarek; financed by Swedish Institute for Food and Agricultural Economics in Lund (Sweden)
2000-2003 "IDARA" (Strategy for Integrated Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas in CEE Countries)coordinated by prof. Jerzy Wilkin; financed by 5th EU Commission Framework Programme
2000-2001 "Privatization of State Farms in Poland as a Process of Institutional Change"coordinated by prof. Jerzy Wilkin; financed by Polish Science Committee (KBN)
1997-2000 "KATO" (Comparative Analysis of the Transition Process of the Agricultural Sector in Selected Central and European Countries)coordinated by prof. Jerzy Wilkin and by Humboldt Universitat in Berlin; financed by Volkswagen Foundation

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Publications in English:

  • Wilkin, J.; Milczarek, D.; Malak-Rawlikowska, A. and Fałkowski, J. "The Dairy Sector in Poland" in series: Regoverning Markets Agrifood Sector Study, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London 2007.
  • Wilkin, J.; Juchniewicz, M.; Milczarek D. "Country Studies: Countries in Transition from State Control. Poland" in: Vorley, B.; Fearne, A.; Ray, D. (red) "Regoverning Markets. A Place for Small-Scale Producers in Modern Agrifood Chains?", Gower Publishing, Aldershot, UK 2007, pp.95-104.
  • Milczarek, D.; Malak-Rawlikowska, A.; Fałkowski, J. "Dairy food chain restructuring in Poland - Causes and impacts" in: Petrick, M. i Buchenrieder, G. "Sustainable rural development: What is the role of the agri-food sector?", IAMO, Halle 2007, pp.200-218.
  • Fałkowski J., Milczarek D. "Are macro policies adjusted to institutional arrangements at the micro level? Some evidence from Polish Agriculture during transition" in: Curtiss J.,Balmann A., Dautzenberg K., Happe K. (ed) "Agriculture in the Face of Changing Markets, Institutions and Policies. Challenges and Strategies", IAMO, Halle 2006, pp.205-220
  • Wilkin J., Juchniewicz, M.; Milczarek D. "Regoverning Agrifood Markets in CEEC - Poland's Pork and Apple Markets" in: Brosig, S. i Hockmann, H. (ed) "How Effective is the Invisible Hand? Agricultural and Food Markets in Central and Eastern Europe", IAMO, Halle 2005, pp.22-39.
  • Milczarek, D. "Credit to Rural Areas in Poland" in: "Financial Services and Intermediation in the EU Candidate Countries: Issues and Recommendations in the Context of the Internal Market Acquis", European Institute, Sofia 2003, pp.201-220.
  • Milczarek, D. "Privatization as a Process of Institutional Change. The Case of State Farms in Poland" w serii: "Institutional Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources", Vol. 11, Shaker Verlag, Aachen 2002.
  • Milczarek, D. "Winners and Losers in the Process of Privatization of State Farms in Poland", "EMERGO Journal of Transforming Economies and Societies", Vol. 7 No. 3, Summer 2000, pp.60-80.
  • Wilkin, J. "Rural Poland in the Process of Systemic Transformation. Attitudes of the Rural Population towards the Market, State and European Integration", "Emergo - Journal of Transforming Economies and Societies", No 4, vol. 6, 1999.

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