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Introduction to Economics

Fall semester 2014/2015

1st year Economics students and non-Economics students, lecture on Wednesdays, 1.15-2.50 pm, room B, WNE UW

Course given by: Beata Łopaciuk-Gonczaryk
e-mail: bgonczaryk@wne.uw.edu.pl

Office hours: Mondays, 10.30am-11.30 am, room 217

Attention! Office hours from 8th June are going to take place on 9th June (Tuesday) 11.00-12.00, room 217. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. I encourage you to send an e-mail if you wish to make any other arrangements.


Re-take exam results and grades

RE-TAKE exam is scheduled for 5th of March 2015 (Thursday), 1.15 pm, room A, WNE UW.

Revision for the re-take exam is organized on 2nd March 2015 (Monday), 8.00am-9.30am, room B.

Exam results and grades

Classes from the 21st January are rescheduled for 19th January (Monday), 8.00-9.30 am, room B. Office hours from 21st January are rescheduled for 16th January (Friday), 10.00am-11.00am. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Exam is scheduled for 5th of February 2015, 2.00 pm, aula A, WNE UW.

However , there is a possibility to take it earlier, which is on 3rd of February 2015, 12.30 am, aula A, WNE UW. To do so, you have to enroll for the exam on 3rd February, by e-mail or by signing an exam list during lectures – till the end of December. All students, who do not enroll for the 3rd of February, are enrolled automatically for the 5th of February. It is not possible to take exam twice, both on 3rd and 5th of February. Exam form and level of difficulty is the same for the both exam dates.

list for the exam on 3rd February, updated 1 II 2015

Textbook: S.R. Mc Connell and S.L. Brue Economics, Mc Graw-Hill Irwin, 2008, 17th edition (you may also use 16th edition from 2005)

Course syllabus

Course outline and materials:

Credits for course participations and oral presentations:

updated 16 II 2015

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