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Dr Jan Fałkowski


office hours: by appointment


  • Institutions, market imperfections and economic policy - seminar, graduate and undergraduate theses (winter & summer semesters)
  • Institutional economics - lecture (winter semester) Thursdays 16:45-18:20 room G and Fridays 16:45-18:20 room 110
  • Political economy - lecture (summer semester)

Work in progress

  • Political inequality and economic inequality - evidence from the transition period in Poland
  • Contracting institutions, quality upgrading and trade (with Daniele Curzi and Alessandro Olper)
  • Food aid: for food security or making politics?
  • The role of social comparisons in agricultural land markets – some evidence from Poland during transition
  • Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea? Farmers position in the supply chain: some evidence from Poland (with Agata Malak-Rawlikowska and Dominika Milczarek-Andrzejewska)

Recent publications

  • Political competition and policy choices: the evidence from agricultural protection, Agricultural Economics, 2014, 45(2), 143-158 (with: Alessandro Olper)
  • Political Reforms and Public Policy: Evidence from Agricultural and Food Policies, World Bank Economic Review, 2014, 28, 21-47 (with: Alessandro Olper and Jo Swinnen).
  • Structural Change and Agricultural Policy for SSFs?: a View from the 2004 NMs?, EuroChoices?, 2014, 13(1), 41-45 (with: Emil Erjavec and Luka Juvancic).
  • Returns from income strategies in rural Poland, Economics of Transition, 2014, 22(1), 139-178 (with: Maciej Jakubowski and Paweł Strawiński).
  • Does market structure influence price transmission in the agro-food sector? A meta-analysis perspective, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2014, 65(1), 1-25 (with: Zoltan Bakucs and Imre Ferto).
  • Political accountability and governance in rural areas: Some evidence from the Pilot Programme LEADER+ in Poland, Journal of Rural Studies, 2013, 32, 70-79.
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